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There are many businesses that offer reward programs through your everyday shopping that can benefit our school. Below is a list of business that have reward programs you can participate in to support DMCS. Directions on how to enroll, if needed,  is also included.

This is free money for DMCS and DMCS PTO!

Master List script programs at top and hyperlink to bookmark in text below info on how to join each and how to join each one below with links to each appropriate website.

Buy viagra cialis online canada, What does viagra cost at walmart

Box Tops are found on hundreds of items.  Clip them out and turn them into the collection cans in your student’s room or in the font office. Send them to school with your child to be placed in the can in their classroom. Clip and Earn money for our school! Each Box Top is worth $.10!


(Coming Soon)

Nugget Supermarkets

(Coming Soon)