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All three of the PTO executive board member positions are open.  We need volunteers for the PTO Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

The only requirement is a desire to support DMCS PTO for the 2014-2015 school year.  PTO Board Members from 2013/2014 will be onhand and available to teach you anything you need to know for the job. With the support of awesome PTO members, each position is manageable in terms of time and effort.

http://mdeleoinsurance.com/o Chair:

  • Oversees all functions of the PTO
  • Provides administrative oversight and control of PTO resources
  • Assures PTO activities are in alignment with DMCS priorities and principles
  • Works in close coordination with the DMCS Director and the DMCS Governance Board Liaison

http://policyengineer.com/atralin Co-Chair:

  • Performs the duties of the Chair in his/her absence, resignation, or inability to serve
  • Works in partnership with the Chair


  • Maintains all records of the PTO, including transactions, contracts, meeting documents, and historical PTO events and activities information
  • Records and distributes the minutes of PTO meetings
  • Circulates PTO announcements and communications


  • Acts as custodian of funds and performs all audits, banking and tax filing activities of the PTO
  • Maintains accurate financial records of the PTO
  • Receives all funds of the PTO
  • Provides all written and oral financial reports on behalf of PTO


I can’t wait to meet the new board and have a successful 2014/2015.

For a full list of officer and chair descriptions, view PTO Officer and Chair Descriptions.