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There are many ways to support the PTO which in turn supports our students and we can use your financial help!

Student Fundraisers

The majority of our funds are raised in the Fall with the Cookie Dough fundraiser.

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Make a general donation to support Curriculum Enrichment and Teachers Wishes by credit card by clicking on the following link. To make a donation, write a check payable to Dixon Montessori PTO and place it in an envelope marked PTO Support. The envelope can be sent to your child’s classroom or dropped off in the office.


There are tadapox buy many businesses that offer reward programs through your everyday shopping that can benefit our school. Below is a list of business that have reward programs you can participate in to support DMCS.

  • Box tops / ebox tops
  • Nugget
  • Safeway
  • Target

For more information on script programs in which DMCS participates please visit the Script page. This page also explains how to enroll in each program.