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Membership Form  All parents and staff of DMCS are welcome and encouraged to participate in the PTO. There is no cost to join! Fill out this form and share your contact information and your interests.
Fund Request – General  Fill out this form to request funds from PTO to purchase things in support of student projects, programs and activities that contribute to a well- rounded education and the welfare of students.
Nomination Form (2018/2019)  The PTO nomination form for the Executive Team positions. Nominate yourself or somone you think would be a good fit! A change in leadership leads to fresh ideas and renewed spirit.
DMCS PTO Event Planning Form  Use this form as a guide to help you think about the details that might be needed when planning a PTO event.
 Post Event Evaluation Form  Use this form after an event is over to share event success and suggested improvements for following years. This will make it easier for PTO members to replicate (and improve!) an event the following year.