Fall Festival ROCKED!

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Thank YOU for making Fall Festival a Success!

Justine Granillo, the Fall Festival Chair, would like to sincerely thank DMCS parents, staff, and students who loaned items, donated items and volunteered to work at the Fall Festival booths. The Fall Festival event was a big success thanks to all of you!!

Seeking Feedback

To continue improving PTO events, we need your feedback! Did you or your student like one game more than another? Was there something that really worked or that maybe we should do better next year? We would love to hear your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, compliments, or whatever you have to say and we want to hear from everyone! Please email Justine Granillo, justinegranillo@yahoo.com, or submit responses via the black PTO mailbox in the DMCS Office. Thank you!


We want to see your Pictures! When posting on Facebook tag them with “DMCS PTO” as your friend or use #DMCSPTO for other social media sites!

DMCS Sparkles!

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Rebecca Valentino, the PTO Site Beautification Chair, would like to give heartfelt thanks to Melanie Wright and Julie Tibbits for the three hours of raking, trash pickup and sweeping they did on Wednesday. The preschool students, Evelyn Tibbits, and several EDP students for pitching in, Wendy Hendershot for cleaning several walls and windows last weekend, Jake (Ms. Jacy’s son) for picking up some trash in hard to get places, and Angele Boudreaux for the gift of trash bags and the loan of a rake.

Fall Campus Clean Up!

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We need you to make the DMCS campus safe, clean and inviting!

Volunteer for the fall school clean up on Wednesday, October 15th at 1pm.

We can use every helping hand to make DMCS neat and tidy. We would love to see our students help too!

Sprucing up the campus will involve: sweeping halls, picking up trash, cleaning drinking fountains, cleaning windows, and anything else we can tackle.

Please come dressed to work and bring any items (label with your name!) you can to assist with the clean up such as:

  • Push Brooms,
  • Dust Pans,
  • Rakes,
  • Buckets,
  • and any other cleaning tools that may come in handy!

We need the following donations of all natural ingredients to clean our campus:

  • Spray Bottles: 6-10
  • Rags
  • Scrubbing Pads
  • Trash Bags
  • Vinegar: 4 Gallons
  • Rubbing Alcohol: 4 Gallons
  • Corn Starch: 2 small boxes

Take a moment to mark your calendar for Wednesday, 10/15, at 1pm and RSVP with a “YES” by signing up on the sign up sheet at the front of the school on the blue poster board or by contacting Rebecca at ptositebeautification@dixonmontessori.org.

To Volunteer or ask Questions please contact Rebecca Valentino at ptositebeautification@dixonmontessori.org.

PTO Does Great Work!

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The PTO is doing a great job improving student opportunities at DMCS!  The DMCS PTO recently purchased microscopes for Mrs. Kemp’s Life Science classes.  Enough microscopes were purchased to allow 2 students per microscope for the entire work period!  Students were able to spend time exploring cells.  Each pair worked together to make a “wet mount” slide with onion skins and dyed it so they could see the cells more clearly and then very carefully drew what they saw.  This was a priceless experience in viewing real cells and using valuable equipment.  The students were awesome!  The students are looking forward to the next time they get to use these wonderful optical instruments.

Fall Festival on Saturday, October 18th, from 3pm – 6pm

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DMCS students, their families, and their friends are invited to attend the annual Dixon Montessori Charter School (DMCS) Family Fall Festival on Saturday, October 18th, from 3pm – 6pm. The DMCS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) sponsors this annual tradition.

The Fall Festival community event includes free games, bounce house, petting zoo and other fun activities. Each class at DMCS is offered the opportunity to have a fundraising booth. The parents donate items for the class fundraising booths and parent volunteers from the class run the booth during the Fall Festival. The fundraising booths will include a pumpkin patch with pumpkin painting, food, and drinks. Money earned from the class fundraising booths will go toward classroom supplies.

The DMCS Fall Festival also includes a meet and greet with community partners. Come and visit with the Dixon Fire Department, Ramtown Karate, Dixon Grange, Dixon Financial & Insurance Services and many more.

The Dixon Montessori Charter School is located at 355 North Almond Street on the Silveyville Elementary School campus. For more information please visit http://dmcs.info/fallfestival

Questions? Please contact ptopublicity@dixonmontessori.org.

Fall Festival Planning Meeting Thursday, 9/4

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The annual Fall Festival will be on Saturday, October 18th, 3pm – 6pm. The Fall Festival is a fun family tradition at DMCS with games, food, activities, community partners, and much more. This will be a free event open to the entire Dixon community!

order Aurogra online no prescription Come to a planning meeting on Sept. 4th at 6:30pm in Room 5.

We will need many donations and volunteers to make this annual event a success.

For more information on how you can help, contact Justine at justinegranillo@yahoo.com.

Salsa Party in the Garden – Thank you!

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Big thanks to the following parents for their assistance and many donations of water, homemade salsa, chips and supplies to the Garden Salsa Party during Back to School Night yesterday.

The party was a wonderful success. DMCS is lucky to have such a wonderful garden and helpful parents. If you are interested in assisting with other fun garden events, please add your name to the garden volunteer group by emailing Loraine Covello at lorainecovello@gmail.com.

  • Wendi Hendershot
  • Eric Schene and Kara White
  • Erica Schouten
  • Loraine Covello
  • Monica Nelson
  • Monique Solorio
  • Angele Boudreaux
  • Rich Pereira
  • Tammy Castelli
  • Kara and Jorge Nieves
  • Lexi Ortiz
  • Marisol and Octavio Portugal
  • Jennifer Cross
  • Steve Roberts


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The first PTO meeting of the 2014/2015 school year was a success. A new PTO board is taking shape with Missy Ballance as the PTO Chair and Shelli Haaf as the new Treasurer. We are also pleased to welcome Ms. Katie Summer, DMCS middle school math teacher, as the PTO Co-Chair. To round out the PTO Executive team, we need a secretary. If you can fill this position contact Rebecca Valentino at rebelv@earthlink.net.

We are still collecting all of the PTO membership forms turned in with the new school packets.   We are excited to get the roster together to start contacting volunteers for the Fall Festival!

DMCS PTO Website

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The DMCS PTO has a new website!  Please bookmark dmcs.info and come back often to check for new information about our PTO Activities for the 2014-2015 school year.

Comments and Suggestions are welcome!  You can submit public comments or suggestions by by using the form at the bottom of this page.  Private comments or suggestions can be submitted by visiting the Contact Us page and using the form found there.

PTO Board Members Needed for 2014/2015

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All three of the PTO executive board member positions are open.  We need volunteers for the PTO Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

The only requirement is a desire to support DMCS PTO for the 2014-2015 school year.  PTO Board Members from 2013/2014 will be onhand and available to teach you anything you need to know for the job. With the support of awesome PTO members, each position is manageable in terms of time and effort.

pop over to these guys Chair:

  • Oversees all functions of the PTO
  • Provides administrative oversight and control of PTO resources
  • Assures PTO activities are in alignment with DMCS priorities and principles
  • Works in close coordination with the DMCS Director and the DMCS Governance Board Liaison

flibanserin price in egypt Co-Chair:

  • Performs the duties of the Chair in his/her absence, resignation, or inability to serve
  • Works in partnership with the Chair


  • Maintains all records of the PTO, including transactions, contracts, meeting documents, and historical PTO events and activities information
  • Records and distributes the minutes of PTO meetings
  • Circulates PTO announcements and communications


  • Acts as custodian of funds and performs all audits, banking and tax filing activities of the PTO
  • Maintains accurate financial records of the PTO
  • Receives all funds of the PTO
  • Provides all written and oral financial reports on behalf of PTO


I can’t wait to meet the new board and have a successful 2014/2015.

For a full list of officer and chair descriptions, view PTO Officer and Chair Descriptions.